Project #2 Past and Present




For this linear series of photos I kept the idea of bringing the past back to the present rather primitive. For the fifth photos I needed to signify a time lapse of some sort other than the empty water bottle, and I didn’t want to use another filter on my phone so I tilted the photo and took a screenshot, giving it black space…I don’t really feel like it displays a time lapse well enough if at all though. Of course, the fifth shot shows the man realizing  his bladder is telling him something, and the sixth ends the cycle.


For the non linear series, which I thought was much more difficult, I decided to clear the three shelves of my fridge and put take a photo of a Snapple bottle in each of the corners of the fridge. This is kind of Duchamp-esque, but I see more in he open space than in the Snapple bottle. I would think the fridges owner loves Snapple so much that it is quite literally on top of the shopping list every other week. It doesn’t matter what order you put them in, but after looking at the six of them I think the viewer can asymmetrical they’re all from the same fridge and deduce the great value of Snapple to the fridges owner.

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